Retirement Can Be a Scary Word

20190225_083514(1)This will be the initial blog post from BiGG L, aka L-Boogie, aka Lawrence Hunter. It seems very ironic that the beginning of new journey or in this case a blog post and business must first be preceded by the end of another journey. But as life has often told us, that is how most dreams, ideas and endeavors come about.

As a new employee of the Waterbury Police Department in the Waterbury, CT. I entered the Connecticut State Police Academy in June 1995. Upon my graduation I was assigned to the patrol division on ‘C’ Platoon or what is commonly called the mid-night shift. I quickly fell in love with the job. I can remember thinking that I couldn’t believe how much went on during the mid-night shift.

Fast forward from a rookie to a seasoned veteran commander of the very shift I started my career on. Where does the time go? I can see how technology has influenced the department and law enforcement in general. When my first child was born I received notification via a beeper message (remember those?). Two years later when my second child decided it was time for the world to see her I received notification by a Motorola flip phone. As I leave the department, I leave it when technology is still on the rise. Drones, robots and body cameras seem to be the order of the day for many departments And who knows what’s next as far as technology is concerned.

When I first started my career I remember a high school friend asking me how I liked the job. I responded by saying I loved it and was having a lot of fun. He responded by saying “I don’t see how could you have so much fun locking people up”. The fun wasn’t in locking people up, it was in the chase, if you will. Clearly taking a loved one away from their family wasn’t the high light of my day (night?). The fun was in the mental chase, of getting to the bottom of a mystery, tracking down suspects who thought they could elude us, finding how and where drug dealers hid their wares and performed their craft. And yes, there was always satisfaction in taking an abuser away from their victim, even if the victim didn’t realize that we were their to help.

As I write this I am filled with many emotions. For the last 24 years of my life I have lived and breathed law enforcement. I have watched police officers come and go. Watched them grow in maturity and rank and sadly, observed some of them fall from grace. I made mention of my retirement from the Waterbury Police Dept. on Facebook and the outpouring from friends, family and acquaintances has been unbelievable and uplifting. Their emotional support is greatly appreciated in a time like this. Considering the economic times we live in, this job has been a stable source of income and purpose. While many professions have seen their jobs outsourced and wages cut or remain stagnant, law enforcement is largely unaffected by that economic stress (although we all deserve a RAISE). To leave my job and embark on a new career seems daunting. Uncertainty and anxiety fill my heart and mind.  I am embarking on a life long dream and journey of owning my own business and capitalizing on the years of experience I have attained. In the weeks and months to come I will share stories and give insights into police work. As my mission statement mentions I wish to bridge the gap that seems to be ever growing between law enforcement an the public. My goal is to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Change is difficult for the human species. We like things just the way they are and feel as if our worlds are threatened if something is out of place or something or someone new enters our space. The best thing we can do about change is to expect it and prepare for it. Love it, hate it, like it or not its coming, and we must prepare for it. Whether your profession is teaching, nursing, politics, machine operator or owning your own company, if its your first day on the job or you 1000th, prepare for your future, today.

This is (Ret.) Capt. L. Hunter #502 signal 31, out of service. To all my fellow members of the Waterbury PD and police officers, troopers, agents, deputies, constables every where please stay safe, be professional, serve and protect with pride. Much Love and Peace.

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