Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

The circus side show of Robert Kelly is now officially off the rails. I try not to weigh in on all of the social gossip which occurs in around the country, however this debacle concerning the disgraced R&B singer is worth mentioning because of legal implications and can be very instructive. He foolishly sat down with Gayle King on the CBS Morning Show and gave one of the worst performances of his career. Even Ms. King couldn’t believe that he would want to sit down actually discuss the charges and allegations made against him. She starts off the conversation by saying so. This act begs the question, “Who thought this would be a good idea?”

This man presumably has a publicist, lawyers and senior people to look up to and ask advice. Which one (or all?) of these was the one who let this man down? (See my last Blog). In this country we are afforded the Constitutional right not to incriminate ourselves. In plain english that means…R. Kelly shut the **** up!!!! Stop talking!!!!

Obviously as a law enforcer, I say let Gayle keep quiet while this guy buries himself. I am not a lawyer, however it’s unbelievable and inconceivable that anyone in his camp who has working working brain cells would let him do that interview. Then, during the middle of the interview Kelly has a break down and needs a moment to compose himself. After the fits of crying and irrational outbursts, his publicist actually calms him down and lets him continue the interview. The collective face palm by the viewing public on this must be the stuff of legends. What in the world was any one of them thinking? Who actually thought this was good idea?

Lie detection specialists, body language experts, psychologists can and probably will dissect that insane rant for years. Not to mention it can probably be played in court where lawyers will have a field day. This post is in no way in support of R. Kelly or anyone alleged of a crime. I do want people to think about what they’re doing in their own lives and listen to sane, credible people who actually have some sense. The R. Kelly interview in CBS Morning News was the exact opposite. Slow down, think for a minute or ten minutes, even if halfway through whatever enterprise your on, compose yourself and don’t pull and R. Kelly.

And what’s worse is there more to come……

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