20190224_110658(1).jpgThere is a particular thrill whenever anyone exceeds and propels themselves to the next level or chapter in their life. The feeling is exhilarating for a child of any age. A child graduating from kindergarten to first grade, a high school student who passes all their exams and moves to the next chapter in life or a military recruit who proves that they are now worthy to wear the title of marine, airman or soldier all feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they have “arrived”.

The same is true of achieving success within your particular profession. I was fortunate enough to reach the level of captain in a fairly large police department. Much hard work, study and discipline were the keys to success. No one is going to give anyone anything in this life. If one is going to succeed they must put their nose to the grind and reach out an take the opportunities that come their way. That’s what I had to do to reach the first supervisory level after patrol officer. I spent nearly 8 months preparing, studying, going over notes and mock oral interviews. The sacrifice of time and energy was well worth it in the end. The next level of lieutenant was again, extremely tough. The competition was more intense and truth be told I was not ready for the next level and it showed in my test scores. However, I took that defeat as a life lesson and studied harder and became more mentally prepared for the next chapter, which I obviously attained. At this level I decided that I needed to step my game up even more and went back to school and went from being a high school graduate to having a Master’s degree in 6 yrs.

Nearing the end of my career I was promoted to captain. What a feeling of accomplishment. I can remember being a new officer and looking at the captain of my shift and understanding their level of experience. I listened as they imparted their years of experience and gave advice of how to do our jobs, investigate crimes and most importantly stay safe. Now it was my turn to stand in front of the troops and hand out pearls of wisdom. New and even veteran officers would look to me for advice, guidance and leadership.

My point is simple, prepare for your future today. No matter what line of work you are in don’t ever settle for mediocrity. Be the best you or whatever your job title is. Keep striving for higher heights and deeper depths. Push your self.

IMG_31071_1As I start my business, let me assure you (yes you!!!) that I can help you achieve your the level of success that you’re striving for. Not only do I know what it’s like to be promoted, but I also know what it’s like to fail, to try to achieve yet miss the mark. After not scoring well I did not give up or throw in the towel, I keep striving and kept going. I also sat on many panels for different cities and towns throughout Connecticut. I sat in for different proctors and that gives me an advantage. I know what other police managers are looking for in their analysis of candidates. I know what different questions proctors are asking and looking for in applicants.

This invitation extends to anyone of any profession, especially of you need to brush up on you interview skills. Firefighters, corrections officers, military, police, civilian, come see me. Come see me and let me give you some knowledge from my years of experience. Be the best you watch make your family proud.

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