The Real Threat

We need to get serious about the War on Terror and go after one of the most dangerous ideologies in human existence, white supremacy. This disease of the mind has infected far too many with fear and loathing of those different from them. And that fear and loathing has emerged itself as cowardly attacks on unsuspecting worshipers in mosques, churches, synagogues, temples and even a summer camp. For far too long, we have seen the rise of terrorists attacks here in the US and abroad.

The most recent attack in New Zealand should truly shake us to the core, as we see that their methods, determination and bravado grows with each murderous rampage. In the meantime, this Administration has played footsie with an enemy and refused to adequately fund programs designed to stamp out this sort of problem. And it’s time that all responsible people wake up and demand that our government officials get serious about the real enemy lurking in the woods and behind keyboards. A renewed determination must be applied to catching, prosecuting and making an example of those who would do harm to camp goers and worshipers. As we hunt down other terrorists, we should hunt down these terrorists. The question must be asked, “Why the hesitation in declaring these acts as terrorism in nature and scope?” Why is there such a reluctance by 45 to say that these people are dangerous and need to be stopped at all costs? Why equivocate on whether there are good people on both sides?

This is why so many have stood by the mantra that Black Lives Matter. Because when equivocation comes, it seems that our lives simply don’t matter. Can anyone really imagine a group of black people or lone wolves operating without impunity in carrying out terrorist attacks in Catholic, Presbyterian churches? Gathering in the woods and running training camps aimed at attacking places where the majority of white gather? Is it unfathomable that repeated mass shootings would be tolerated in so-called safe spaces by any member of a minority community upon the majority? Let me be clear, that I am not calling for such action. But now, the rubber has met the road, and we see a desperate need for action.  The same intensity in seeking out Islamist terrorists and attacking the war on terror should be replicated in white supremacist groups who advocate violence either explicitly or implicitly.

The question must be considered in an effort to go after terrorist groups, “Why did this administration prepare a joke of a brief in believing that Black identity extremists groups are more dangerous than white supremacist groups?” But kudos to the FBI for informing us of the problem back in 2006  that these people would be attempting to infiltrate law enforcement and the military. Despite what many think, there are some people who are dedicated to ensuring that the public stays safe and the integrity of law enforcement has some credibility.  And thank you to the journalists who have warned that in some cases the police may have sympathies for this wretched ideology.

What should we do in the meantime? Every church, synagogue or place of worship should have an action plan to deal with the threat and act as a deterrent. When schools were (are) threatened, many people wanted to arm teachers. Well, I say every place of worship should have capable men and women who can act in a responsible manner when a threat like this presents itself. We say thank you to cities and towns who have provided police presence to houses of worship, but we can’t expect the police to be omnipresent. Second, we need to demand that our legislature take this phenomenon seriously. The same fervor in going after the practically non-existent Black Identity terrorist problem, Islamic Jihadist problem, Boko Harem and “invaders” coming with caravans through Mexico should be, must be, given to white nationalist terrorists.

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