I’m Really Enjoying This Beard

No, this post will not be about my beard or an attempt to sell beard products. You can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that I will not go on about the different oils and products that I have experimented with since I let the whiskers grow in. Instead, I will focus on something that most people are looking for today, autonomy and determination.

Having been a police officer, I was bound by the rules provided by the agency. I had no issues and loved what I did. Today, however, if I decide not to shave for a few days or months, then that’s my decision. The feeling of freedom associated with being one’s own person is a feeling which can never be adequately expressed.

For me, opening up a business is a scary step to take. Leaving the safety and security of a consistent paycheck to venture in the new world of marketing and self-promotion seems overwhelming. Having a routine 9-5 is a source of security that provided support for my family and our future. All people should enjoy the fruit of their labor and know where their next meal or rent payment is coming from. I understand that far too many people wake up every morning, shower, shave and get dressed in order to go to a job which they truly do not enjoy.

The freedom to explore one’s desires and passions are limited for many people. I know that many are limited by their current financial responsibilities, family obligations and of course father time.  Obligations and priorities often place people in situations which cause them to become resentful and angry about their circumstances. Bogged down by the pressure of having to pay the next bill or meet that responsibility, dulls the dream and dims the light on the perspective of being their own person and simply enjoying life to its fullest.  This, in turn, causes apathy at their jobs. Daydreaming sets in about what could be and the possibilities which exist on the outside.

To this, I have two pieces of advice. First, to the younger, plan your life to the best of your ability. Before life hits you like a runaway truck filled with bricks, explore, enjoy and prepare for the future. Find your niche today before time and responsibility become overbearing. Take the time to get to truly know yourself, and find those things that give you comfort and makes your heart flutter whenever you think about them. Take the initiative to find something that you are passionate about and don’t be afraid to spread your wings and fly.

To the more seasoned, don’t give up on your dreams. Life may have not been the kindest, but hold your head high and keep fighting. Continue to fight through the depression, the distractions, and the feelings dissatisfaction. I know it’s often easy for others to say when their lives seem to be on track or they enjoy their jobs. While you are on your job, don’t be afraid of going back to school, or open a side business doing something that you love. Take the skills or hobbies that you have learned throughout the years and think of ways to market those abilities. Don’t give up, the journey isn’t over yet. It’s your life. Do everything in your power to make the best of it. I plan to do the same, market the skills I have acquired while I enjoy the next chapter of my life.

What does any of this have to do with my beard? It’s me enjoying me and living my life to the fullest. After a triple by-pass, I think I deserve it.

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