Just Keep Going!

Have you ever heard a friend say “I would love to go back to school, but…” or  “I really enjoy sewing and showing off my talent”?. How about, “Maybe I should start my own side fashion business, but….  or “I am handy with some scissors maybe I should go back to cosmetology school”?. We have all heard people speaking this way and probably eye roll as they repeat themselves every month or so. Over a glass of wine, they tell us about what could have happened in their lives if they did this or that. They may even have expressed to us that they really regret not going for that promotion, opening that business or standing up for themselves in the board meeting. That they truly wish they were more of a risk taker and applied for the position which their arch nemesis now enjoys.  The question is, why do some people get those positions and take advantage of opportunities while others are left wishing, hoping and regretting.

Stepping into the unknown can be daunting and exhilarating at the same time. Far too many people, there are stuck at the precipice and refuse to take the next step toward achieving their goals. Whatever the reasons for not giving your all to your life’s ambition, conquer them. Do not be afraid to go out on the limb and get the fruit that you have seeking.

One of the many reasons people do not go for the gold is because of fear of rejection. This is a very debilitating disease that plagues many individuals and stifles their natural talents and abilities. Living vicariously through the thoughts of people who may never truly accept you or dreams is a dangerous thing. If they do not agree with your choice of dress, school, spouse, then so what! As one speaker I heard say, “Impress you? And for what? You don’t pay my light bill or rent. Impress you? And for what?”

The ability to wake up from your dreams and actually get to work and make them a reality is difficult not because of the actual tasks, but because of the mental fortitude to apply what you know. In many cases, people are afraid of failing. Afraid of the ridicule and scorn. In this present age of social media, we are living for the clicks and likes of people who we probably haven’t physically seen in years. True friends will encourage you and push you to go farther, they will embrace your dreams and treat them their own. If you don’t get the clicks and likes, then keep going, keep pushing, not for the likes, but for the joy of fulfilling your own dreams.

Believe in yourself, and apply those skills and abilities. The real question isn’t about your natural talents, in many cases, it’s about knowing if you have the mental toughness to go forth and succeed when others aren’t fully in your corner.

Excuses are the graveyard where dreams are buried. Beneath the surface of excuses are the latent talents of singing, acting, writing, going back to school, a well-toned body, or turning that hobby into a money-making venture. So just keep going, when others aren’t encouraging, liking, “hearting” or whatever form of approval and validation you are seeking doesn’t come. Just keep going!

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