Respect for the OG’s

In the hip/ urban community the term “OG” can have a number of meanings. Originally it means original gangster or “gangsta”. It means one who is legendary and does not always point the one’s age. It is a term of endearment, pointing to nothing but the utmost respect and adoration for the time one has put in, no matter what their industry or profession. Age, as they say, ain’t nothing but a number, however, experience or those who have put their time in are the most valuable.

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to (Ret.) Chief David C. Couper for the work he has done in improving police and their relationship with the communities which they serve. For more than 20 combined years he served as chief of police for the cities of Madison, WI and Burnsville, MN. If one were to talk about a trailblazer, surely that title fits him. He entered law enforcement upon leaving the Marine Corp. in the 1960s. Chief Couper began to pursue his education and advanced degrees before it became popular for police officers to do so back in the 1960s. While chief, he actively sought to integrate his departments by hiring more black police officers. Furthermore, he changed how women were viewed and treated by their male counterparts. He has written a number of articles for different police publications including Police Chief Magazine and Police Executive Research Forum (PERF). He had and continues to have a passion for police officers doing the right thing while performing their duties. Even while retired he writes a blog called Improving Police. Some of the topics covered are effective leadership, women in law enforcement (did I mention he’s married to a former police captain?) and police militarization.

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Chief Couper for my podcast. Please check out the episode and take in the depth of knowledge, care, and concern that Chief Couper has for his community and the state of law enforcement. While you are at it, make sure you check out his blog and his website,

Chief Couper, thank you for your years of service, dedication to law enforcement and the community. And thank you for the opportunity to interview you and glean some wisdom.

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