Joshua Brown: Let’s Not Speculate

Tragedy has struck once again in Dallas, TX. As is many of you have not already learned, one of the key witnesses for the prosecution in the Amber Guyger murder trial, Joshua Brown was murdered on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019. It is always a tragedy when we consider that a young man who was in his prime was found gunned down with multiple shots.

Conspiracy theorists may take this opportunity to inundate the public with wild machinations concerning the possibility that the Dallas police plotted to kill Brown due to his testimony against Ms. Guyger. I wrote before about the necessity of waiting to see the results of any investigation and this case is no exception. Let’s hold off on any indictment concerning police corruption and murder plots and let’s let the professionals do what they do, investigate. Nothing good will come by building up undeserved angst against the police by an already suspicious community. We as a society must learn patience and not listen to every crackpot theory we read online or hear at the water cooler or hair salon.

Ask yourself, what good would it do to kill Mr. Brown after she had testified and after Guyger was convicted and sentenced? None. I can hear some say “Well, it may be a way of telling future witnesses not to testify against a police officer”. Unfortunately, there are always trials against police officers for excessive force, assault and yes murder trials. With the plethora of technology, video cameras, and other methods, who can actually think a police officer would take chance on risking their own life, pension, time with their family in order to hash out plots of mayhem and murder? If you are willing to consider those theories, then after reading this post please contact me because I have a bridge in San Francisco for sale, cheap. There were a number of witnesses called by the Dallas prosecutor’s office. Is it really sane to believe that all of the witnesses will be targeted by the powers that be?

Take a listen to Lee Merritt, ESQ, as he informs us that Mr. Brown was shot in a club in 2018. Apparently Brown believed that he was the intended target and thought that somewhere and at some time someone would try to come back and finish the job. Untimely deaths are always tragic for family, friends and sometimes the public to process. But sometimes we must confront reality and not scapegoat or place blame on government entities. Another young black man is gone, another father has been taken too soon, three children will now have to suffer the pain of knowing their father will no longer be there for them when they need it.

I hope they catch the killer(s) whoever they are and no matter where they work or try to hide. But jumping to wild conclusions based on unsupported conjecture only stokes fires that may never be put out.

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