Stay Positive This Holiday Season

Stay Positive This Holiday Season

This episode we will feature a fellow podcaster, Ms. Zykia McCoy. She is a caterer, business owner, poet, and mother. Despite being hit with many obstacles in life she has decided not to let life get her down. She is remaining positive and fighting the good fight.


The holiday season is supposed to be a time of coming together to bond with family and friends. It’s a time of remembering the memories while creating new ones. A time of forgiveness, love, and peace toward all mankind. So I can’t be the only one who notices what is supposed to be is not always what is. Unfortunately, this time of year becomes one of pushing and shoving at stores, road rage on our nation’s highways and family fights over the silliest disagreements.

In this time of year when it’s literally the darkest, I would like to shine a little light positivity and love. I had the pleasure of meeting someone who tries to share the love and her positive vibes throughout the whole year rather than wait for the holiday season. Ms. Zykia McCoy is a caterer, poet, avid reader, podcaster and mother. She and I met in a Facebook group geared toward podcasters. Her optimistic attitude and charm were very impressive to me and I decided to have her on Captain Hunter’ Podcast. She was gracious enough to come on the show and share her warmth and love for cooking and life. Her podcast is called Cooking with Positivity and is available on most podcasting platforms.

Here’s a little about Ms. McCoy. Zykia McCoy is a Caterer and creative writer. Zykia has been writing since the age of seven and has written poetry and short stories in every genre. She has written lyrics for up and coming artist and entered in several poetry competitions. Her goal is to become recognized for her work through novels, poetry and film work. Zykia has recently embarked on several entrepreneurial endeavors. As of January 2014, Zykia launched her own catering company called Z.R.Z Catering; with the slogan “from my kitchen to your table”. This website can be found on Facebook with the search Z.R.Z Catering and at Which is growing every day with events like birthday parties, bachelorette parties, luncheons, etc. Being a New York native Zykia has tried to stay connected to her hometown roots and often writes about the streets she remembers from New York and the people she met while living there. Zykia is a single mother of two Zykia two little girls who she loves. She created a social group on Facebook called “The Single moms club” which was inspired by a Tyler Perry movie. This is a group of single moms go on outings and enjoy each other’s company. Zykia’s four major passions are her kids, writing, cooking, and reading. The Cooking with Positivity podcast focuses on staying positive in all aspects of life.

Take a listen to the Captain Hunter’s Podcast featuring Ms. McCoy and you will see that she has been hit with some major blows during her life, however, she has decided to turn lemons in to lemonade. Instead of letting life beat her down and go down in the dumps she has decided to be the inspiration she needed in this crazy world. So many times this blog focuses on the negative relations between the police and the public and society in general. I think a change of pace is in order and we all can use some good vibrations from time to time.

So if there’s some food item that you wish you could have during this holiday season and don’t have the time to prepare it, maybe you should give Ms. McCoy a shout and have some items shipped to your door.

I wish everyone peace and love during this season. Instead of looking for holiday cheer from your fellow man, why don’t you actually try to be the one who spreads the holiday cheer? Be the change we all want to see.

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