What Makes Men Happy?

What Makes Men Happy?

Hint: It’s not always money, family and friends. This mid-week encouragement will take a look at a serious problem that some men may keep bottled up inside. #suicideprevention #menhappy #whatmakesmenhappy #motivation #worklifebalance #men #menshealth #mensissues #mensmentalhealth #police #lawenforcement #suicide

As a young man growing up my friends and I often had conversations about would make us happy and content. Most of the time, as many will imagine the convo was often “R” to “X” rated. Even in our mid 20’s and 30’s we often thought that if we had a voluptuous woman catering to our every need, the cares of this life will melt away like the snow in the warmth of the sun. Oh, the ignorance of young men.  And how wrong we were and are.

Now I’m the first to admit that a curvaceous beauty coupled an intoxicating drink will do the heart and soul good. Unfortunately, they do not ease the stresses of life on a continued basis.

Among the other necessities of life we need, good food, family, exercise and teamwork (sports) and what many would not think of, a sense of satisfaction on our jobs. I came across an article called “The Strongest Predictor of Men’s’ Well Being Isn’t Family or Health”. That article demonstrated that even with a strong family, loving wife, even a healthy body, many men still need the satisfaction of being an important member of their work team. They need to fulfill their desire for more by accomplishing tasks, being seen as valuable by their bosses and peers. Job satisfaction, the article and supporting research affirm is what really makes men happy and increases mental health.

With economic downturns, layoffs, the rise of feminism, perceived loss of sociocultural power, stock markets crashing as with the current Coronavirus, many men feel as if their place in society is steadily eroding. The problem with this thinking is the blame game. Its women fault, minorities fault, for our loss. So when men aren’t satisfied with their work-life, how do they respond? What do they do when they aren’t mentally and emotionally balanced?

Well, that is the million-dollar question. It affects their voting, their relationships with the spouses and children and even the jobs they do have. Some, unfortunately, turn to alcohol, drugs and even suicide.

We men need to develop an outlet, develop an appropriate way of dealing with dissatisfaction on the job and not blame or take our anger out on others who love us or are innocent bystanders. Seek help if need be and don’t be ashamed to share feelings or let the anger sadness and frustration out in positive ways such as therapy.

And to the ladies out there, understand that sometimes even if you are providing your man with a great home, his work life may be crushing him. Ask him how his day was and see what you can do to make it all better.

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