LMH Consulting Services is dedicated to ensuring that current and prospective police officers have the necessary skills to perform their jobs in the 21st century. Founded by Captain Lawrence Hunter (Ret.), this company provides a number of different services essential to policing today. 

Many police officers wish to move up the ranks, yet fail to pass the rigorous testing process. Having taken numerous police advancement tests and served on police oral boards for many different cities and towns across Connecticut, I have the developed the skills and understanding necessary to pass promotional tests. I wish to help others achieve their goals and attain exceptional results on their promotional exams.

For prospective police officers, I will provide the necessary tools to help facilitate a career in law enforcement, providing consultation on career path choices and advice on the testing process.

LMH also provides a basic firearms course. I am an NRA certified instructor in Basic Firearms. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible to obtain their concealed carry license in the State of Connecticut.

Throughout my years as a police officer, I have taught a number of police academy classes, including Implicit Bias, Human Behavior, Civil Complaints and Defensive Tactics. I offer my expertise as a mid-manager and trainer to the above subjects. I can provide consultation to businesses wishing to improve their security, hiring practices and background checks for prospective employees. I do not cater exclusively to police officers: my skill set includes correctional officers and persons who may be up for a promotion or job interview and wish to increase their chances of obtaining their goals.

There seems to be a vast chasm between many police departments and the African American Community. It is my endeavor to help communities understand each other’s position and assist in closing what seems to be an ever-growing divide. To that end, I will provide my own insights through blogs, vlogs and podcasts. 

Modern society is becoming increasingly more complex and as a result police officers are expected to remain on the cutting edge of work of their profession. Today’s police officers are expected to be competent in a number of different disciplines including counselors, mental health professionals and, of course, law enforcers. It is my goal to assist prospective police officers to develop the necessary skills that today’s modern police officer will need to perform their job with professionalism and competency. Furthermore, I wish to impart knowledge to current police officers as they attempt to move up the chain of command. I will impart knowledge on how officers can interact with the public with compassion and be able to perform their duties with care and proficiency.