US Senate Set the Bar Very Low

I have not posted a blog in quite some time. I have chosen to concentrate on the video content to grow my brand. However, I believe that this topic is best served by putting it into print. I do not claim to be a political historian or law student. I do, however, try to understand … Continue reading US Senate Set the Bar Very Low

What’s So Different About Now?

On my weekly podcast, I have been asking recent guests “What’s so different about now?” Why so much outrage about the George Floyd murder? Why does it seem as if there are more white citizens taking to the streets and protesting the heinous death of George Floyd in comparison to the myriad of other police … Continue reading What’s So Different About Now?

May 2020. A Bad Month for Police-Community Relations

As I write this, keep in mind that there are still 2 more days to go in the month of May. I cannot be the only person who has noticed that when it comes to law enforcement and their credibility, that the month of May 2020 was a complete disaster. Lets’ take a brief look … Continue reading May 2020. A Bad Month for Police-Community Relations

Since we have some time….

The COVID-19 or coronavirus has truly left a mark on this generation. No matter what age we are, I’m sure we’re all too young to remember anything like we are facing today. Not even the fateful day of September 11, 2001, compares to the dramatic changes in life that we are facing. During 9-11 and … Continue reading Since we have some time….

If He Were My Child

We all want to live in a strong country where morals and values cause one’s neighbors to be a benefit rather than a curse. But what makes a strong country? Did someone say strong states, and cities? Of course. But what makes a city strong? I heard another chime in, “strong communities”. Then we must … Continue reading If He Were My Child

What Makes Men Happy? As a young man growing up my friends and I often had conversations about would make us happy and content. Most of the time, as many will imagine the convo was often "R" to "X" rated. Even in our mid 20’s and 30’s we often thought that if we had a voluptuous woman catering … Continue reading What Makes Men Happy?

Should the Sex Trade be Legal? Known as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution has been around almost as long as humanity. In this modern era, we try to use more positive and people-friendly terms such as sex traders, however, the premise remains the same. The fact is there are some people who live among us who are forced, coerced or … Continue reading Should the Sex Trade be Legal?

Surprise, I Disagree with Tucker Carlson

Every now and then my newsfeed will drop some gem which after a quick glance will catch my attention. A few days ago (according to this publishing date anyway) I came across an article by Tucker Carlson, the firebrand of primetime TV who puts his commentary out for FOX News. In the article titled “Tucker … Continue reading Surprise, I Disagree with Tucker Carlson

Terrible Instructions by Police Captain

An esteemed police expert, Dr. Larry Jetmore, believes that the most important person who sets the standard for culture and day to day operations of a police department is the first-line supervisor or sergeant. In this role and capacity, the first-line supervisor has the most contact with and informs his/her subordinates on what is and … Continue reading Terrible Instructions by Police Captain

When Hypocrisy Meets Irony

At the election of Barack Obama, many touted with glee that America had finally gotten over its racial problems and legacy. The term used by many who were blindly optimistic was “post-racial”. America had finally broken the back of its heritage of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and host of other evils pushed upon those who … Continue reading When Hypocrisy Meets Irony