Police Captain Releases Book Calling for Justice Reform


Contact: Lawrence Hunter
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Retired Connecticut Police Captain Lawrence Hunter Gives His Perspective on Law Enforcement’s Evolution in America and What Can Be Done to Change the Criminal Justice System

Waterbury, CT – Captain Lawrence Hunter (Ret.), who retired from the Waterbury Police Department in 2019 after 24 years of service, released his first book this week. In Police Reform: A Retired Police Captain’s Perspective on the Evolution of Law Enforcement and How to Improve the Criminal Justice System,” Capt. Hunter gives his honest assessment of where modern policing has gone wrong and what we can do now to fix the broken system.

Approaching police reform with decades of experience serving on the frontlines, Capt. Hunter is able to pinpoint the problems that have led us to our current state of turmoil between police and the communities they serve. By acknowledging bias, rethinking how we train police, studying human behavior, and working side by side with other community stakeholders, Capt. Hunter asserts we can do better, making communities safer and the profession of policing more efficient and effective.

America’s current state of policing and the unrest it has created must change – and fast, if we want to save lives and heal our communities. As a member of both the African American community and the police force, Capt. Hunter is deeply invested in healing the divide between police and communities who have been disproportionately impacted by the justice system. To make that change happen, police leaders need to step up and put their insight and experience to work, improving the justice system from within and reaching out to their communities. By working together toward a common goal of public safety, we can build a better system for all.

By reading this book, police and community members can develop strategies for productive engagement and build not only better police departments, but better communities.

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