I’m Really Enjoying This Beard

No, this post will not be about my beard or an attempt to sell beard products. You can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that I will not go on about the different oils and products that I have experimented with since I let the whiskers grow in. Instead, I will focus on something … Continue reading I’m Really Enjoying This Beard

Probably Won’t Pass, But They Will Try

Police officers are undoubtedly tasked with enormous amounts of responsibility. In addition to knowing the directions to every conceivable place in their city, they must be able to find lost children, stolen bikes and oh yes, catch the occasional bad guy from time to time. Previously, I commented on a bill that is being put … Continue reading Probably Won’t Pass, But They Will Try

Bias In Traffic Stops?

Driving while Black (DWB) has been a phenomenon which unfortunately goes back decades. The idea of stopping and terrorizing African Americans for some lame reason or more specifically no reason at all is as old as our presence in this country. Fortunately and thankfully much work has been done to ensure that all Americans who … Continue reading Bias In Traffic Stops?