Surprise, I Disagree with Tucker Carlson

Every now and then my newsfeed will drop some gem which after a quick glance will catch my attention. A few days ago (according to this publishing date anyway) I came across an article by Tucker Carlson, the firebrand of primetime TV who puts his commentary out for FOX News. In the article titled “Tucker … Continue reading Surprise, I Disagree with Tucker Carlson

Terrible Instructions by Police Captain

An esteemed police expert, Dr. Larry Jetmore, believes that the most important person who sets the standard for culture and day to day operations of a police department is the first-line supervisor or sergeant. In this role and capacity, the first-line supervisor has the most contact with and informs his/her subordinates on what is and … Continue reading Terrible Instructions by Police Captain

When Hypocrisy Meets Irony

At the election of Barack Obama, many touted with glee that America had finally gotten over its racial problems and legacy. The term used by many who were blindly optimistic was “post-racial”. America had finally broken the back of its heritage of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and host of other evils pushed upon those who … Continue reading When Hypocrisy Meets Irony

Stay Positive This Holiday Season The holiday season is supposed to be a time of coming together to bond with family and friends. It’s a time of remembering the memories while creating new ones. A time of forgiveness, love, and peace toward all mankind. So I can’t be the only one who notices what is supposed to be is … Continue reading Stay Positive This Holiday Season

For Eleven Minutes

I try very hard to stay away from the political sphere. In political today’s climate I believe that all or most of the political rhetoric is couched in the language of tribalism. I am convinced that far too many people aren’t considering facts and stats when weighing in on social or economic policies. They are … Continue reading For Eleven Minutes

Is Firing an Officer Enough?

A quick google search of “fired officers” will result in a plethora of stories in which departments were left with no other choice but to terminate an employee. Well, maybe the police administration could have taken less drastic matters, however, firing they believed, was the best option. Most notably is recent the termination of the … Continue reading Is Firing an Officer Enough?

Gotta Love the Media

We have all known or heard about how we are influenced by the media. Images and pictures from our entertainment have reached all over the world. The response from others viewing American media is not always positive, in fact, it creates negative feelings toward some minority and ethnic groups. The result has been that many … Continue reading Gotta Love the Media

The Michael Bell Story In Nov 2004 Michael Bell Jr was stopped by Kenosha, WI police officers for an unknown reason. A few minutes later a fight between Michael and law enforcement found all parties in the driveway of Michael’s home. At some point, an officer screamed to his partners that Michael had tried to grab Michael’s gun. … Continue reading The Michael Bell Story

Joker Movie Review By the weekend of Oct 12th I assume that many people will have seen the Joker movie. I know that many people will wait a few more weeks or completely wait for the video. In the meantime, I do believe that there are some interesting ideas that the writers, director or producers have adeptly … Continue reading Joker Movie Review

Joshua Brown: Let’s Not Speculate

Tragedy has struck once again in Dallas, TX. As is many of you have not already learned, one of the key witnesses for the prosecution in the Amber Guyger murder trial, Joshua Brown was murdered on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019. It is always a tragedy when we consider that a young man who was in … Continue reading Joshua Brown: Let’s Not Speculate