Gotta Love the Media

We have all known or heard about how we are influenced by the media. Images and pictures from our entertainment have reached all over the world. The response from others viewing American media is not always positive, in fact, it creates negative feelings toward some minority and ethnic groups. The result has been that many … Continue reading Gotta Love the Media

The Michael Bell Story In Nov 2004 Michael Bell Jr was stopped by Kenosha, WI police officers for an unknown reason. A few minutes later a fight between Michael and law enforcement found all parties in the driveway of Michael’s home. At some point, an officer screamed to his partners that Michael had tried to grab Michael’s gun. … Continue reading The Michael Bell Story

Joker Movie Review By the weekend of Oct 12th I assume that many people will have seen the Joker movie. I know that many people will wait a few more weeks or completely wait for the video. In the meantime, I do believe that there are some interesting ideas that the writers, director or producers have adeptly … Continue reading Joker Movie Review

Joshua Brown: Let’s Not Speculate

Tragedy has struck once again in Dallas, TX. As is many of you have not already learned, one of the key witnesses for the prosecution in the Amber Guyger murder trial, Joshua Brown was murdered on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019. It is always a tragedy when we consider that a young man who was in … Continue reading Joshua Brown: Let’s Not Speculate

Caught Up in Image and Actin’

Although I claim to be a young at heart, I’m not one to comment on the antics of the ongoings of the younger generation. When one thing happens you can bet that another thing is right around the corner. Keeping up with the latest from the socialite world can be exhausting. The latest and most … Continue reading Caught Up in Image and Actin’

How Many Do You Think?

As many of you may well know I have a podcast called Capt. Hunter’s Podcast. Recently I started a new segment, called Monthly Wrap Up. In these segments, I will be exploring some of the major items from law enforcement during that current month. While going over some notes for the month of September 2019, … Continue reading How Many Do You Think?

Some Got Ways and Means

It is both a blessing and a curse to live in times when one can simply glance down at their phone and learn what is occurring around the world in a matter of seconds. In an instant, we learned of the fate of one of the actors who had the financial means to send their … Continue reading Some Got Ways and Means

Is SB192 a Good Idea?

Recently I praised the California legislature for their work in bridging the divide between the police and the communities they serve. AB392 was a bill which raised the standard for police use of force, especially lethal force when dealing with suspects. The bill raised the standard from what a reasonable officer would do in certain … Continue reading Is SB192 a Good Idea?

Respect for the OG’s

In the hip/ urban community the term “OG” can have a number of meanings. Originally it means original gangster or “gangsta”. It means one who is legendary and does not always point the one’s age. It is a term of endearment, pointing to nothing but the utmost respect and adoration for the time one has … Continue reading Respect for the OG’s

The Problem with Bad Apples

How exactly does the saying go? I will give you a moment to think, take your time. Ok, enough time, the saying is actually "a few bad apples spoil the bunch". And now what does that saying actually mean? What’s the purpose of saying it? More importantly, why are so many people will to apply … Continue reading The Problem with Bad Apples