Respect for the OG’s

In the hip/ urban community the term “OG” can have a number of meanings. Originally it means original gangster or “gangsta”. It means one who is legendary and does not always point the one’s age. It is a term of endearment, pointing to nothing but the utmost respect and adoration for the time one has … Continue reading Respect for the OG’s

The Problem with Bad Apples

How exactly does the saying go? I will give you a moment to think, take your time. Ok, enough time, the saying is actually "a few bad apples spoil the bunch". And now what does that saying actually mean? What’s the purpose of saying it? More importantly, why are so many people will to apply … Continue reading The Problem with Bad Apples

What Cali’s AB 392 Really Means

In another blog post, I stated that I did not believe that California’s attempts to curb police shootings against its citizens would pass. I’m generally in favor of strong unions which stand behind their membership and fight for their rights. However, in many cases, particularly with police unions they often stray off target and stand … Continue reading What Cali’s AB 392 Really Means

Business as Usual

More tragedy, more horror, more fear will only be followed by more empty platitudes, prayers, and condolences. In the span of 24 hours, 30 people were left dead by domestic terrorists. And yes, that is exactly what they are and their philosophies and manifestos reveal just that. The mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and … Continue reading Business as Usual

No More Excuses for de Blasio

While attempting to answer a question during the July 30, 2019, CNN Democratic Presidential Debate, Senator Cory Booker was interrupted with chants of “fire Pantaleo” by a disgruntled and angry crowd. For far too long there has been the continued string of disappointing lack of action by different government entities concerning the death of Eric … Continue reading No More Excuses for de Blasio

Pay Attention People

One of the fundamental points of discipline is to correct the behavior of not only the offender but also others who may think about straying down a similar path. For some strange reason, some people are not paying attention or are simply refusing to learn the lessons that recent history is desperately trying to teach … Continue reading Pay Attention People

How Did I Miss This?

A few weeks back in June 2019, the US got some startling news. The Plain View Project, published a database of police officers throughout the country of officers using offensive language, anti-Muslim rhetoric and suggesting that they were in favor of extrajudicial means of violence toward suspects. That these officers created, posted, re-posted or “liked” … Continue reading How Did I Miss This?

The Importance of Leadership

For those who are active on social media, specifically YouTube or some other video watching service, it seems as if we are constantly barraged by videos of police officers going overboard, pointing their weapons at people, questionable shootings and so on and so on. Let me take a moment to state clearly that all of … Continue reading The Importance of Leadership

The Social Media Problem

I honestly don't know what is worse, that some bad apple police officers feel a certain way and don't mind sharing their views, that others agree with their views, that administrative staff were not aware of or agreed with what their officers were doing, or that it took so long to get this information to … Continue reading The Social Media Problem

Mass Shootings; It’s Time to Act

We all know that when it comes down to mass shootings it's far past time for action. Try doing a web search for mass shootings and you will get conflicting definitions of terms and data on these tragic events. The FBI defines an active shooter as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or … Continue reading Mass Shootings; It’s Time to Act