Movie Review Black and Blue w/ L Boogie Jr

Who is L Boogie Jr? She’s my favorite daughter. She and I will be starting a new podcast called The L Boogie Show very soon. This episode will appear on both podcasts. I thought it would be nice to get a younger non-police personnel’s perspective as they viewed a movie about police corruption and to see how some people in society view the police.

Autism Awareness w/ Helen Taylor

Today most of us have some awareness of autism and other challenges that inhibit some people’s social skills. Today’s episode we will explore what autism is and how many police officers are receiving training on how to deal with persons dealing with these challenges. It is important for vulnerable populations to be heard and understood.

Monthly Wrap Up October 2019

It’s the end of another month, therefore, we will take a look at some of the top stories related to PD’s and law enforcement. We cannot dive into every story, however, I believe we can learn something from what has occurred in law enforcement.

Principled Policing w/ Seth Stoughton

Seth Stoughton is a university professor and law scholar. He has written for numerous academic and investigative publications. I wanted to have him on the show to discuss police militarization and hopefully his thoughts on police body-worn cameras.

Culture of Cover-Ups? Pt2 w/ Russell Beckman

This episode we will be speaking with former police detective Russell Beckman. Mr. Beckman was a detective during the beginning stages of the Michael Bell case. Upon seeing the misdeeds going on with the case Beckman retired after 29 years of service.

Culture of Cover-Ups? The Michael Bell Story

Michael Bell Jr had a tragic run-in with law enforcement in 2004. What happened after his encounter left him dead and his family searching for answers. Unfortunately for his family and particularly his father, Michael Bell Sr, was a plethora of unanswered questions and what seemed to be a lack of transparent investigation.

Joker Movie Review

Don’t worry I’m not going to turn into a media critic. However, I do think that there are many lessons which we can learn from the movie. The movie was supposedly set in the 1980s, however, we can see many ideas which are relevant for today.

Blue Lives Matter w/ Dr. Dawn Perlmutter

This episode we will continue our discussion with Dr. Dawn Perlmutter. In a previous episode, we discussed symbolism, ritualistic killings, and cult practices. Today we will continue and explore the Bue Lives Matter movement and its direct opposition to Black Lives Matter.

The Amber Guyger Trial

Captain Hunter will break down what happened with the Amber Guyger trial. We will explore why it was such a big deal, were the charges correct, what exactly happened the night Botham Jean was murdered, was the sentence tough enough and the backlash over the outpouring of forgiveness and abundance of hugs after the trial.

Monthly Wrap Up Sept. 2019

We will explore some of the more interesting stories from around the nation concerning law enforcement. If you have an interesting news story or article that you would like me to explore please hit me up and send the story.

Symbolism & Ritualistic Crimes w/ Dr. Dawn Perlmutter

Dr. Dawn Perlmutter is a symbol and ritualistic crimes expert. She specializes in analyzing crimes scenes and interpreting signs and symbols in cultic, gang and other practices. She wrote an article for Law Enforcement Today concerning the Blue Lives Matter Flag and how some wish to link it to white supremacy.

Social Advocacy with Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey

This episode we will listen to our special guest Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey. Sgt. tells her story of how and why she became an advocate for justice. She is routinely called upon to by major news outlets to discuss possible police misconduct, questionable shooting, and police policies. Sgt.

Community Activism with Vernon Matthews Jr.

Today’s special guest features community activist and City of Waterbury Alderman Vernon Matthews Jr. A lifelong member of the City of Waterbury, CT., Matthews is dedicated to making his community better. He ran for and is currently the alderman for the 2nd district in Waterbury.

Intro to LEAP with Judge Shanta Owens

Upon leaving law enforcement I joined Law Enforcement Partnership (LEAP). In today’s episode, we will take a brief look at LEAP and their mission. We will also interview Jefferson County AL., Judge Shanta Owens. She is a member of LEAP, public speaker, active member of the community and concerned mother.  Judge Owens gives us her perspective on community engagement, judicial reform, and empathy on the bench.

Interveiw with Chief David Couper

While doing research for a previous episode on police militarization I came across David Couper’s blog “Improving Police”.  He was gracious enough to be a guest on the podcast. Go for a walk and listen to the wisdom and instruction that a former police chief has for today’s time.

Monthly Recap Aug 2019

We are starting something new. I plan to do a recap of the most important stories throughout the month. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we explore the most important events from the month. #Philadelphiapoliceshooting #AB392 #Vermontgovernor #CamdenPD #useofforcepolice #use of force, #police, #lawenforcement

Militarization of the Police

Close your eyes and imagine its 6 am and an armored humvee rolling down your street. Attached to its side are police officers outfitted for war. As they reach their target location, they disembark and stack up on the front and rear doors in tight formation.

Blackmanwithagun – Interview w/ Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard hosts the Blackmanwithagun Podcast. This episode we will explore his activism with gun rights and his views on the 2nd amendment. For many reasons, African Americans have been a reluctant participant in gun ownership. Fortunately, this phenomenon is changing. Partly because of the election of Trump, gun sales among African Americans has been on the rise.

Filming the Police

I completely understand that people are skeptical of police intervention and surveillance. Because of video cameras and smartphones this society has become emboldened to video record police activities. I do not have any problem with this whatsoever. I do have a problem with antagonistic behavior from cop watchers who are trying to do something good but going about it the wrong way.

Women in Law Enforcement

This episode we will be taking a look at women in law enforcement. I plan to do a number of episodes on this topic. We will explore what it is like for female enforcers as they embark on careers as law enforcers.

Current Events- Week of July 15th

This week’s episode we will explore some of the controversial police stories throughout the country. Officers have been fired, the social media problem continues to rear its ugly head and a sheriff’s deputy had a weapon pulled on him by a security guard for being in the IRS office.

Immigration and Law Enforcement

No, this episode is not in response to the recent statement of the president. It is in response to the plethora of news that this country has been dealing with for some time. I do not claim to be a political commentator, however, as a citizen, I believe that I have something to contribute to the conversation.

Gun Violence – A Little History

Today’s episode we will explore a brief history of gun control in the US. This will be a continuation of a previous episode in which we looked a mass shootings here and abroad. If you have wondered why we there seems to be such a lack of effort on the part of congressional leaders, then today’s episode is for you.

Gun Violence – Mass Shootings

With the wave of mass shooting/active shooters that have recently swept the country and the world, we see a need for action. Unfortuannalty all we get is prayers and condolences.

Current Events Mid June 2019

Viral videos, sadly have become all the rage in our modern society. Unfortunately, Youtube and other platforms are filled with the police videos which are continuing to paint officers in the darkest of lights. Recently we saw some outrageous situations involving officers from the Phoenix, AZ PD.

Bring The Bulls Back- Positive Male Role Models

In honor of Father’s Day, I want to explore what makes a positive male role model. Far too often we know the effects of negative role models or absent fathers. In honor of Father’s Day, I wish to explore what a positive role does and how it has affected my life and countless lives throughout this country.

Police Training in Other Countries

We have often heard those police officers in other countries do not have the same levels of deadly interactions with their citizens that police officers in the US have with its citizens. It is also been rumored that officers in other countries also receive longer training.

Disparity in Sentencing?

Are African Americans receiving disparate prison sentences? Today’s episode we will explore whether the claims are true that African Americans receive unfair and unequal treatment as they, unfortunately, travel through the American criminal justice system. 

Current Events – Week of May 5th

It seems that there will always be weeks that are tough for law enforcement. This week we will take a look at the week of May 5th, 2019. Co-incidentally this is National Correctional Officer week. Police officers have a perception problem and this week we will take a look at why and how that perception can change.

Implicit Bias

Police departments throughout the country have been receiving implicit bias training. In addition, many corporate sector companies such as Google and Coca Cola have also received this important training. This episode we will take a look at what Implicit Bias training is and how it can make any workplace better.

Current Events/ Hamden-New Haven Police Shooting

I was asked to discuss the Hamden/ New Haven police shooting which occurred April 16, 2019. This episode we will take a look at why patience is vital in these types of situations. The rush to judgment and the rush to criticize police action is never wise.

Warriors vs. Guardians

In this episode, we will explore the mindset of many police officers, as they go about their tours of duty. When I was an academy recruit and rookie, senior officers expressed that we should be warriors. They believed we should be ready for battle and have the mindset to deal with any hostility that came our way.

What’s the Deal With Body Cams?

At one time Body Worn Cameras (BWC) seemed to be on the rise among America’s law enforcement community. However, more recently, some PD’s across the country are getting away from them. Support from communities across the country are solidly behind the opinion that cameras are a good thing and PD’s should utilize them just like every other standard piece of police equipment.

The Real Threat – White Supremacists Infiltrating Law Enforcement

This episode will take a look at white supremacist/terrorist infiltration of law enforcement and the US military. This problem was first brought to light back in 2006 when the FBI released a memo informing officials that there was a growing threat of racist infiltration of these organizations.

Mental Health

Police officer suicide rates are on the rise in the US, There are numerous reasons why. This episode we will discuss why that may be and what caregivers can do to help officers overcome their depression and trauma that they see while helping their communities everyday.

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