Promotional Exam Prep

  • Oral Interview Assessment
  • Mock Interview
  • Body Language and Representation Assessment
  • Standardized Written Exam Prep
  • In Basket Prep

Police Academy Prep

  • Written Test Prep
  • Oral Test Prep
  • Résumé Review
  • Background Review

Consulting Services

  • Supervision/Mid-Management Class
  • Implicit Bias
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Civil Complaints

Interview Prep

Includes Mock Interview and Video Critique
(not limited to law enforcement)

Speaking Engagements

Captain Lawrence Hunter (Ret.) is available
to book for speaking engagements. 

Life Coaching

  •  Self-improvement/development
  • Creating focus
  • Organizing your desires/ putting them into action
  • Facing your fears & taking on challenges

Sessions can be conducted in person or remotely