Just Keep Going!

Have you ever heard a friend say "I would love to go back to school, but…" or  "I really enjoy sewing and showing off my talent"?. How about, "Maybe I should start my own side fashion business, but….  or "I am handy with some scissors maybe I should go back to cosmetology school"?. We have … Continue reading Just Keep Going!


There is a particular thrill whenever anyone exceeds and propels themselves to the next level or chapter in their life. The feeling is exhilarating for a child of any age. A child graduating from kindergarten to first grade, a high school student who passes all their exams and moves to the next chapter in life … Continue reading Promotion!!!

Retirement Can Be a Scary Word

This will be the initial blog post from BiGG L, aka L-Boogie, aka Lawrence Hunter. It seems very ironic that the beginning of new journey or in this case a blog post and business must first be preceded by the end of another journey. But as life has often told us, that is how most … Continue reading Retirement Can Be a Scary Word