Probably Won’t Pass, But They Will Try

Police officers are undoubtedly tasked with enormous amounts of responsibility. In addition to knowing the directions to every conceivable place in their city, they must be able to find lost children, stolen bikes and oh yes, catch the occasional bad guy from time to time. Previously, I commented on a bill that is being put … Continue reading Probably Won’t Pass, But They Will Try

Doing The Right Thing

Sadly, fear and intimidation have been a recurring theme for African-Americans living in the United States, particularity the South. Among the forms of intimidation that members of this community have had to endure are lynchings and church arson. One would think that with the positive strides African-Americans have made in academics, politics and business, coupled … Continue reading Doing The Right Thing

Wanted: Positive Male Role Models

My daughter was bothered by a recent news story and she decided to share it with me. The case involves a now infamous rape case in Lawrence, Kansas. Albert N. Wilson, now 23 years old, was found guilty of rape by fear and sentenced to 12 years in prison followed by a lifetime of post-release … Continue reading Wanted: Positive Male Role Models

Perception is Everything

When watching TV, I've always hated sitting through commercials and have found a relief in DVR's and streaming services. Now I can record my favorite episodes and binge watch at my leisure while fast forwarding through commercials. Recently, my wife and I were catching up one of the more popular crime crime shows, The First … Continue reading Perception is Everything

Something Happened in South Central LA

When something happens in South Central LA, nothing happens......If the rest of the words to this lyric roll off your tongue, chances are you grew up listening to one of the most notorious rap groups in history, NWA. This group and their music was part of the emergence into adulthood for myself and many others. … Continue reading Something Happened in South Central LA

The Best Intentions

The saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions echos in my mind when I consider that many cities are considering a ban on menthol cigarettes. Let me pause and state clearly that I think cigarette smoking is a deplorable, expensive and disgusting habit. Having to squint ones eyes to keep the … Continue reading The Best Intentions

Bigger Fish to Fry Than Smollet

This post is for those who have been under a rock and not up to speed on the Jussie Smollet debacle. Recently, we learned that prosecutors in the case have decided to dismiss all charges and wipe all records clean of the stain of felony charges for Smollet having faked a homosexual and racist assault … Continue reading Bigger Fish to Fry Than Smollet

Time For A Change

Recently we learned that the Allegheny County, PA. district attorney failed to win a conviction in the case of a former East Pittsburgh police officer, Michael Rosfeld. The fatal shooting of a teenager, Antwon Rose II, in the back while he was running away was widely covered by various new outlets. I will be the … Continue reading Time For A Change

Bias In Traffic Stops?

Driving while Black (DWB) has been a phenomenon which unfortunately goes back decades. The idea of stopping and terrorizing African Americans for some lame reason or more specifically no reason at all is as old as our presence in this country. Fortunately and thankfully much work has been done to ensure that all Americans who … Continue reading Bias In Traffic Stops?

The Real Threat

We need to get serious about the War on Terror and go after one of the most dangerous ideologies in human existence, white supremacy. This disease of the mind has infected far too many with fear and loathing of those different from them. And that fear and loathing has emerged itself as cowardly attacks on … Continue reading The Real Threat