Pay Attention People

One of the fundamental points of discipline is to correct the behavior of not only the offender but also others who may think about straying down a similar path. For some strange reason, some people are not paying attention or are simply refusing to learn the lessons that recent history is desperately trying to teach … Continue reading Pay Attention People

How Did I Miss This?

A few weeks back in June 2019, the US got some startling news. The Plain View Project, published a database of police officers throughout the country of officers using offensive language, anti-Muslim rhetoric and suggesting that they were in favor of extrajudicial means of violence toward suspects. That these officers created, posted, re-posted or “liked” … Continue reading How Did I Miss This?

The Social Media Problem

I honestly don't know what is worse, that some bad apple police officers feel a certain way and don't mind sharing their views, that others agree with their views, that administrative staff were not aware of or agreed with what their officers were doing, or that it took so long to get this information to … Continue reading The Social Media Problem