Gotta Love the Media

We have all known or heard about how we are influenced by the media. Images and pictures from our entertainment have reached all over the world. The response from others viewing American media is not always positive, in fact, it creates negative feelings toward some minority and ethnic groups. The result has been that many … Continue reading Gotta Love the Media

Business as Usual

More tragedy, more horror, more fear will only be followed by more empty platitudes, prayers, and condolences. In the span of 24 hours, 30 people were left dead by domestic terrorists. And yes, that is exactly what they are and their philosophies and manifestos reveal just that. The mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and … Continue reading Business as Usual

Bigger Fish to Fry Than Smollet

This post is for those who have been under a rock and not up to speed on the Jussie Smollet debacle. Recently, we learned that prosecutors in the case have decided to dismiss all charges and wipe all records clean of the stain of felony charges for Smollet having faked a homosexual and racist assault … Continue reading Bigger Fish to Fry Than Smollet

Time For A Change

Recently we learned that the Allegheny County, PA. district attorney failed to win a conviction in the case of a former East Pittsburgh police officer, Michael Rosfeld. The fatal shooting of a teenager, Antwon Rose II, in the back while he was running away was widely covered by various new outlets. I will be the … Continue reading Time For A Change