What’s So Different About Now?

On my weekly podcast, I have been asking recent guests “What’s so different about now?” Why so much outrage about the George Floyd murder? Why does it seem as if there are more white citizens taking to the streets and protesting the heinous death of George Floyd in comparison to the myriad of other police … Continue reading What’s So Different About Now?

May 2020. A Bad Month for Police-Community Relations

As I write this, keep in mind that there are still 2 more days to go in the month of May. I cannot be the only person who has noticed that when it comes to law enforcement and their credibility, that the month of May 2020 was a complete disaster. Lets’ take a brief look … Continue reading May 2020. A Bad Month for Police-Community Relations

Terrible Instructions by Police Captain

An esteemed police expert, Dr. Larry Jetmore, believes that the most important person who sets the standard for culture and day to day operations of a police department is the first-line supervisor or sergeant. In this role and capacity, the first-line supervisor has the most contact with and informs his/her subordinates on what is and … Continue reading Terrible Instructions by Police Captain

The Importance of Leadership

For those who are active on social media, specifically YouTube or some other video watching service, it seems as if we are constantly barraged by videos of police officers going overboard, pointing their weapons at people, questionable shootings and so on and so on. Let me take a moment to state clearly that all of … Continue reading The Importance of Leadership

Why We Must Bury That Word!

There will always be a plethora and steady flow of viral videos involving police officers allegedly behaving badly. The week of May 15, 2019, is no exception. A quick look at the news and social media will reveal another controversial video of a police officer shooting a pregnant female. I cannot and will not comment … Continue reading Why We Must Bury That Word!

What Was Gained?

As a retired police officer, I am always saddened when I hear or read about any police officer losing their lives in the line of duty. Whether it’s a traffic collision, deadly gun battle or a cowardly ambush, the results are the same, numerous families lose in the long run. This post will address the … Continue reading What Was Gained?

Probably Won’t Pass, But They Will Try

Police officers are undoubtedly tasked with enormous amounts of responsibility. In addition to knowing the directions to every conceivable place in their city, they must be able to find lost children, stolen bikes and oh yes, catch the occasional bad guy from time to time. Previously, I commented on a bill that is being put … Continue reading Probably Won’t Pass, But They Will Try

The Best Intentions

The saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions echos in my mind when I consider that many cities are considering a ban on menthol cigarettes. Let me pause and state clearly that I think cigarette smoking is a deplorable, expensive and disgusting habit. Having to squint ones eyes to keep the … Continue reading The Best Intentions

Time For A Change

Recently we learned that the Allegheny County, PA. district attorney failed to win a conviction in the case of a former East Pittsburgh police officer, Michael Rosfeld. The fatal shooting of a teenager, Antwon Rose II, in the back while he was running away was widely covered by various new outlets. I will be the … Continue reading Time For A Change

Bias In Traffic Stops?

Driving while Black (DWB) has been a phenomenon which unfortunately goes back decades. The idea of stopping and terrorizing African Americans for some lame reason or more specifically no reason at all is as old as our presence in this country. Fortunately and thankfully much work has been done to ensure that all Americans who … Continue reading Bias In Traffic Stops?